“Ophelia’s Uncommonly Odd Odyssey” is a fun, lighthearted read — you can’t help but cheer for Ophelia as she begins to take control of her own story. It’s an easy tale to lose yourself in, with a charming, unexpected ending. “

Danielle Ames, Writer
PopSugar, San Luis Obispo Tribune, The Magdalen (Dundee University)

“Ophelia’s Uncommonly Odd Odyssey” is a wonderful read, even for this unlikely reader of a pre-teen book (a 69 year-old engineer). The beauty of this book is the masterful way the author has developed the character of Ophelia in a very thoughtful and believable way as she makes the journey of learning to realize she has to find her own ways to face and ultimately overcome her problems and fears. It is a delightful journey and a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

Steve James. Retired Engineer
Naperville, Illinois

“Ophelia’s Uncommonly Odd Odyssey” is a fun twist of adventures that lead into learning valuable lessons.”

Sarah Wilson
Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Ophelia’s Uncommonly Odd Odyssey” was GOOD!!  It taught a valuable lesson.  I really want to read the other books in the series.  I couldn’t put it down – I finished it in two hours!”

Gracen Ruckman
Lookeba, Oklahoma

“To be able to dream and imagine is a gift everyone should take, reading “ Ophelia’s Uncommonly Odd Odyssey” is a testament to that.  Having the pleasure to have worked with young children for over 40 years the author of this novel only deepens my love to all the unique and amazing imaginations of children and their gifts of strength to choose their own very special journeys.  To imagine is to live beyond, even for just a while.”

Evie Lanier
Templeton, California

I’m completely enchanted by Ophelia and her odyssey. What thrilling adventures…she’s my hero! Thank you for sharing her story with readers of all ages.

Zandi Peters, Retired
Los Osos, California